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low profile raised flooring system

multi-purpose sustainable floor solutions for events, domestic & commercial conversions

Cableflor is an easy fit raised floor system, used for cable management and repurposing domestic and commercial spaces. Designed and manufactured in the UK, it is a quick and cost-effective alternative to a full-blown raised floor system. Our standard floor is made from reprocessed plastic waste and we recycle our old flooring into new flooring.

It has won several awards in the events industry and is used by leading agencies and brands as a sustainable and contemporary solution – for more information on events, click here

Cableflor is also perfect for the following solutions:

Home offices and Studios

If you now find yourself working from home, then it can be preferable to create your own space away from the chaos of domestic bliss. Whether it is to make important calls, to focus on a project or just to have a sense of normality in your working life, eventually we all need peace and quiet

You can convert garages, sheds, cellars or any other quiet space into a comfortable working space using Cableflor. Not only will it hide all of your cables, it will also provide a thermal break between your feet and a cold concrete floor.

It’s a temporary fix that can be fitted by anyone, without damaging your infrastructure. Once you no longer need it, simply remove and save it for a rainy day or send it back to us for recycling. We can make it into new floor.

Made in the UK from plastic waste, the flooring is fire-retardant and can also be made Anti-Microbial which is effective against a wide spectrum of microbes. This includes bacteria, mould, fungi and even viruses.

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Re-usable Underfloor Heating

Cableflor is also suitable for quick and easy installation of underfloor heating. It allows quick access to the wiring and uniquely it can also be removed easily and used again. Lay insulation boards direct to your concrete floor, tape down the underfloor heating cable and lay our flooring on top. We recommend using Karndean Loose Lay as a top layer and you can see the full range here


Fabric Screens

These days if you’re working from home then sooner or later, someone will want to Zoom, Skype or Facetime. If you would prefer to hide your lawnmover and the kids bike then we can also offer you freestanding fabric screens.

We’re from the events industry and we’ve been supplying them for years. Whether you want something a bit stronger to mount shelves and a monitor or whether you just want a picture of Hawaii, we can offer a quick turnaround at excellent prices.

They’re easy enough to fit yourself, there’s no drilling or cutting – assembly is either with a supplied alun key or you can chose a twist and lock option.

Graphics are printed directly onto a fabric which stretches into the frame – you supply the image or have no image at all, you choose what you want. You can even put them into the wash if they get grubby.

If you need to create some ambient light in your new space, then we can make the graphics backlit with pre-fitted LED’s.

If you really don’t want to fit any of this then we can also offer a full installation service.

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Factory Conversions

Adapting to recent events may mean that your business is now manufacturing different products, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

If you find that your power is no longer in the right place, instead of having extension cables running everywhere, you can tuck them safely away under Cableflor.

No floor covering is required as we have a texture surface option, which is non-slip. It even has small drainage holes in each corner if you work in a wet environment or need to wash it down. We also have a clip on ramped edging strip to finish off the edges safely.

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Hygenic Spaces

If you need to create a hygenic space, then we can offer you our textured Anti-Microbial floor, together with freestanding screens made with Anti-Microbial Fabric.

This is done by using Silver Ion technology which is introduced during the manufacturing process. Antimicrobial additives exert a negative effect on any contaminating microbes causing them to die. Doctors and hospitals already rely on an array of silver-infused medical products—from bandages to catheters—to prevent the proliferation of ­bacteria.

Silver ions perform their deadly work by punching holes in bacterial membranes and wreaking havoc once inside. They bind to essential cell components like DNA, preventing the bacteria from performing even their most basic functions.

These temporary rooms can be set up for the Care Industry, Offices or Schools to ensure a hygenic environment or you can set them up at home. It’s a DIY installation and you can pack them up and store them when no longer needed.

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