slightly raised floor for cable management and ventilation

Convert your garage or cellar for more usable space

Everybody needs a little extra space, now more than ever, but costs can be prohibitive. Start from the ground up and fit our Cableflor system yourself:

  • only 2cm high and fits to the nearest 10cm without cutting
  • 1cm gap underneath for cables and ventilation
  • anti-microbial upon request
  • fire-rated to Class 1 or Class 0
  • no tools or skills required, just clip it together

Convert your garage or cellar for more usable space. Add an extra layer of protection in public spaces with our anti-microbial version or create your perfect event floor with our custom colours and lighting.

Hide your cables and keep your space tidy and trip-free – allow air to flow under your flooring to avoid damp. Made in the UK from recycled plastic.

Reduce risk of Coronavirus. Anti-microbial floor for public spaces.

We can mould the flooring with a Silver Ion additive to make Cableflor anti-microbial. This makes it more hygienic and protected against the negative effects of bacteria, mould and viruses.

Ideal for public spaces such a shopping centres, offices & schools. It can be laid directly onto carpet, lino or concrete by anyone without any tools or training – retrospectively or in advance.

Also useful for laying in damp environments, such as garages and cellars – the protection of mould works well with air flow underneath the floor.

anti-microbial flooring

Recycling old floor tiles.  Making a square tile circular.

event industry wasteSustainability is at the heart of what we do. Cable for was originally designed as re-usable cable management flooring for events – it was lower, lighter and made from recycled plastic. After a while we started to make custom colours for clients, as an alternative to using carpet and a platform – every year, the UK uses approximately 4 million square metres of carpet for just a few days and then throws it away. Some of the carpet is recycled but a lot of it ends up in landfill along with the carpet tape and polythene covers. It’s unnecessary and avoidable.

We now recycle old unwanted colours into our standard black floor or if you want to re-use the colour, we can remould it for you. Nothing is wasted, only reproduced – closed-loop recycling at its best and part of the circular economy.




Here’s a short video of how we do it:


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Anti-bacterial Flooring

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Designer flooring with cable management

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