New! Hire and Install Service

If you’re really pushing the boat out on that all important big show of the year, then the finishing touches are paramount. It can say a lot about your company and your attention to detail.

In much the same way that people check out your shoes in a first meeting or an interview, then prospects will also be looking down at your flooring, to see if you’ve done a proper job or just sorted out the walls.

A quality floor doesn’t just hide all of your cables and mark out your territory, it can also lift the whole display and make it look organised, professional, complete. Which is how we all want to be perceived.

We now offer a hire and install service for these occasions where budget won’t stretch to purchase – our hire floor is high quality, trip-free and affordable. If you’re taking a bit of extra space and you need to fill up a few gaps then we also have iPad or monitor stands, illuminated welcome desks or vertical plant walls to hire out as well.

Get more from your event floor hire
– Cable-management floor
– Pine or Polished Concrete Karndean overlays
– Metal ramped edging
– Exclusive space-saving accessories
– We can also put up your modular system while we are there – no need for two crews.

Metal Ramped Edging

metal ramped edging

Cableflor is the lowest cable management floor on the market, so we can fix a ramped edging to all sides, without eating into your usable space. The higher the floor, the longer the ramp and the less usable space you will have.

With our system there is no vertical step onto the stand and no sharp corners where the ramp meets it – it is a more welcoming entrance into your space and doesn’t cause any trip hazards.

It is a highly engineered metal ramp with perfect mitred corners, which are locked together with stainless steel ‘elbows’. The straight sections are also connects with steel bars in order to keep it perfectly aligned.

Take a look at some examples here

Karndean Wood or Stone Overlays

exhibition floor hire

We’ve tried out many different brands of floor vinyl and we would recommend Karndean every time. The wood finish comes in planks and has a slight texture to look like real woodgrain – it even has the occasional knot. The stone finish comes in a slab format, so that both finishes can be laid as if it was the real article.

Karndean Loose Lay is non-slip, fire-rated and has excellent acoustic properties. It’s also easy on the back and knees if you’re having a long day.

For hire purposes we use a Pine finish for the wood and Polished Concrete for the stone. There are another 40 finishes to choose from and we can offer these on a purchase basis.


We are very committed to reducing the amount of waste in the events industry  and take great pride in being at the vanguard of eco-friendly event solutions.. Cableflor is made from recycled plastic, our overlays are 100% recyclable and we no longer use pallet wrap for our deliveries. Additionally, our overlays don’t require any glue or double-sided tape – help reduce the amount of carpet and single use plastics such as tapes from going into landfill.

Seeing as we’re already there – Stand Build

We have over 20 years’ experience in modular system, so we can also put up your stand whilst we are there – no need for two different crews.

We done it all and everything in between – from the original innovators (Octanorm, Nomadic) to the missing in action (Leitner, Mero, Pila) from the different thinkers  (Tecna T3) to the Belgium Brothers (BeMatrix vs Aluvision). These days it’s pretty much all Tension Fabric System (TFS) and we’ve developed special muscles in our thumbs that can tackle even the tightest fitting fabrics.

If you prefer solid panels (foamex, MFC) we’re also very experienced at applying vinyl graphic and digital prints. Our floor system is designed for linking screens to PC’s to iPads so we’re also at home with connecting up your AV.

Storage / Prebuild / Transport / Install / Derig

If you need somewhere to store your kit or even do a prebuild, then we have 5000sq ft of space at your disposal. Storage is charged out at £5/pallet per week and you can rent pre-build space for £250 per day. We’ve give you endless supplies of tea and give you a hand when needed.

We have a variety of different vans including a flatbed truck and trailer for anything really big – if you need to get products / trees / furniture / brochures to site as well as your kit, we have experienced drivers and we are fully insured.

The Added Bonus

Everyone like a little something extra, ourselves included. Aside from our amazing ramped edging and stand build experience, we also have our own range of space-saving accessories, which lock onto a hidden base under the floor. These have been designed in-house to work with our floor system and they are unique to us

By avoiding a big clunky base that is on show, you will eliminate any trip hazards and free up valuable space on your stand. Aesthetically, you will have a much cleaner look with less visual clutter to obscure your brand.

The following items are available to hire with our flooring, so if you need to fill some space or just need to elevate your existing kit, why not get in touch for a quote:

– freestanding posts for iPad, touchscreen or monitor
– product benches / welcome desks with built-in sockets
– freestanding screen walls

We’d love to hear from you, if we can be part of your solution