Anti-bacterial Flooring

Anti-bacterial flooring is brand new at Cableflor. What a difference a few weeks make! This time last month we had just won Best Flooring Supplier at the industry awards. We also launched a new surface at Confex and had an exciting order book for the Spring/Summer. Then out of nowhere there is global tragedy. As a result, this dreadful pandemic has resulted in projects being postponed without start dates. The landscape has changed for many of us in the events industry.

best flooring award textured floor surface

Adapting to new challenges

The events industry has effectively shut down for the foreseeable future. The major venues have been put to good use as hospitals. A fantastic adaptation, which makes us all very proud. Without these venues though, it’s clear that we need to diversify. Fortunately our manufacturer is still operating as they also make plastic medical components.

What we can do to help combat Covid-19 is to make our flooring anti-bacterial. Cableflor is a temporary floor system so it could be useful to have this benefit. For example, to anyone wanting to adapt existing spaces into safe environments. It’s actually pretty easy to do. We use Silver Ion technology to simply add a quantity of additive during the injection-moulding of the flooring. This makes it anti-microbial. Anti-microbial technology is effective against a wide spectrum of microbes. This includes bacteria, mould, fungi and even viruses. Companies like Bio-cote have led the way in developing this technology. You can find more information on their website here

How does it work?

Introduced during the manufacturing process, antimicrobial additives exert a negative effect on any contaminating microbes causing them to die. Doctors and hospitals already rely on an array of silver-infused medical products—from bandages to catheters—to prevent the proliferation of ­bacteria.

Silver ions perform their deadly work by punching holes in bacterial membranes and wreaking havoc once inside. They bind to essential cell components like DNA, preventing the bacteria from performing even their most basic functions – this is how it does it:

Protein damage: Proteins are essential for the biological systems of life. Any damage to these components causes the failure of essential functions such as energy production.

Cell membrane damage: By disrupting the microbes membrane, its structural integrity is compromised, which can cause essential nutrients to leak out and catastrophic structural failure.

Oxidative damage: Antimicrobials can cause increased levels of reactive oxygen species, which result in damage to the internal systems of the microbe.

DNA interference: The genetic material of the bacteria is disrupted, ultimately stopping the bacteria from being able to replicate by blocking the copying of their genetic material.

We produce sample tiles which are sent to a testing facility to ensure that the additives have been added at the specified quantity. Once approved, we are able to supply certification of conformity with orders.

We can manufacture this special edition flooring either as a black Cableflor using recycled plastic waste or we can mould to your specified colour – simply send us your pantone or RAL reference to match to. You can view our range of products here

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