Event Flooring

Time & Space.

Cableflor was originally designed for events, as a lightweight and quick alternative to the traditional platform floors. By negating the need for a floor covering, a whole process is no longer required and valuable time is saved on the build-up time – especially if you are left waiting for the carpet fitter.

It also allows direct access to the cable management if you need to make any changes after the build is complete. Simply twist out a tile and fold back the floor to access the cable – each tile has a live hinge.

Only 2cm high and less than 5kgs per sheet, Cableflor is very easy to handle, transport and store.

A metre high stack of Cableflor will cover a 50 square metre area and weigh less than 250kgs. This saves a lot of payload and space in your transport (and drayage if you’re off to the States!)

Custom Colours & Patterns.

Cableflor is designed and made in the UK, so we are able to mould custom colours in short runs (MOQ is 25sqm).

Simply send us your Pantone Colour or RAL reference and we’ll match it. We’ll send you a sample tab for approval.

Match corporate colours or your graphics – mix and match colours to create zones, walkways and patterns.


We also have integrated LED lighting which can be used to highlight products and draw attention to your zone. If you want to go all out, we can supply a complete frosted floor and light all of it.

We can also supply control units if you want your LED’s to colour-change or chase, as well as underfloor pressure pads for interactivity. For illuminated floor branding we also have flush fitting lightboxes


Our floor is only 2cm high and it comes with a variety of different ramped edging strips, including illuminated. It is fire-rated to Class 1 and Class 0 on request.