Office Flooring

Office Reformatting.

Offices need to be adaptable as your business grows and changes shape – these days we also have to allow for social distancing. Position your power and data wherever you want, without affecting your existing floor. Reconfigure when it’s time for another change or take it with you to the next office.

We can also supply space-saving furniture that hides its base under the floor – power and data can continue up to where you need it. Available as a Post for screens/sanitisers, Presentation Table or Product Bench.

cable table

Working from Home Solutions.

garage flooring

Working from home is becoming a viable option for some people, it’s also a case of finding some peace and quiet to work.

Cableflor is perfect for laying on top of a concrete floor in a garage or a cellar, not just for cable management, but also to keep your feet off the cold and damp.

Overlay with our wood effect vinyl and add some screens to create a comfortable working space.

We can make the screens to whatever size you need and supply printed fabrics which are stretched into the frame for instant coverage. It can be fitted in an afternoon and taken down and stored when you need the space back.

Here is a short time lapse video:


Underfloor Heating.

If you are looking to heat your home office, or any other area, ahead of the colder months then it’s easy to fit underfloor heating using Cableflor and an Underfloor Heating Cable Kit. Simply lay insulation board on your concrete floor, tape the cable to it at 10cm centres and lay the Cableflor on top. Top it off with our Karndean loose lay tiles, which work brilliantly with underfloor heating.