Bespoke base-plate

Order base plates to suit your needs. Laser cut from 6mm steel to fit the grid under floor. You can have them as big as you want without creating a trip hazard or using up valuable space. Use them to stabilise a long run of walls, instead of having to add a return.

We can provide a threaded rod or boss welded to the base or an angled return for vertical fixing.  We can design these to work with your method of construction.

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Structural support for our modular floor comes in the form of base-plates hidden underneath the flooring.  In addition, use the plates to support walls or posts and provide sturdy structure. The plates hide under the floor, so we can make it to a good size without creating a trip hazard.

This reduces the exposed footing required above the floor. Ultimately this saves cost and increases the usable space of your exhibition stand flooring or retail area. Build stable, freestanding walls and create cantilevers from our footplates. Furthermore, you will have cable management running throughout the floor.

This photo above shows a plate made to support hospitality tables in a nationwide car showroom. This avoided damaging the expensive ceramic tiles to get a fixing.



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