Monitor Stand

Fabricated from an 80mm square profile, which locks directly into our hidden floor plate for rapid assembly offering great stability. It is fitted with a beautifully engineered VESA mount, which can be rotated in all angles and fitted at any height.

The multi-post has a sprung door for easy access to electrics and it is big enough for the monitor power pack and other connections

Add a range of accessories by locking it directly into the post to create your perfect display (literature tray, small product shelf, bag hook, table top etc.).

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Monitor Stand

Breaking down the humble monitor stand to its absolute minimum. Our unique design has reduced the stand to a single post, which is connected to a hidden base. Nothing for your visitors to trip over, but with a substantial footprint that provides great stability. This freestanding monitor stand won’t get knocked over. Even if it’s a touchscreen, there’s plenty of resistance for your visitor to push against.


Cableflor will take your power and AV cables under the floor, which can then travel freely up the post. The post has a sprung door, so it’s incredibly easy to make your required connections inside the post. There is plenty of space inside the post for a four-way extension lead, so if you have other devices that need plugging in we have it covered.


Fix a key board shelf with a simple twist of a key, at any height you want on the post. Need to add a mouse mat? No problem – simply lock on a small shelf to the side in seconds. There are a range of ‘office-the-shelf’ accessories at your disposal (forgive the pun). That’s why we call them a Multi-Post. You can even swap over the Vesa mount for an iPad holder, or add a brochure holder.




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