Metal ramped edging

Our ramped metal edging is high quality and hard wearing – the corners are pre-mitred and held firm by two steel connectors.

It will add 100mm to each side of your floor which is the same as a row of the Cableflor tiles. Our low-profile floor is only 2cm high, so the 10cm wide ramp provides a nice shallow slope which is compliant with DDA guidelines

The corners come in 1m pairs and the straight sections come in 1m and 2m lengths, which can also be cut to size if required.

How to buy?

Please contact us to get a quote.



We have a selection of clip on ramped edging that is made specially for our floor system. Aside from finishing off the edge of the floor neatly, it also reduces trip hazards and provides easy wheelchair access. Approved by health and safety executives for use at shopping malls, event venues and exhibition halls.



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