Smooth Printed flooring

Made from white ABS plastic, we can print direct to the floor using a flatbed printer which also cures the ink with UV. We then spray the floor with 2-3 coats of satin finish liquid laminate for protection.

A quick, cost-effective solution to provide a promotional floor with cable management. Use printed flooring to accentuate your design or brand it with logos or taglines. This ideal for roadshows and other events where time is short and you just want to get the floor down and start building!

Save time and money by not using overlays – it also helps reduce waste, plus of course more space in your transport.

How to buy

Each sheet is 1 sqm (1000mm x 1000mm). Calculate the area you need to cover and round up.


Printed flooring is available for you to add your corporate identity or event colours and graphics to Cableflor.  Perfect for promotional events, exhibition stands or retail displays.

Sheet size: 1000mm x 1000mm

Height: 20mm

Cavity: 11mm x 33mm every 100mm

Weight: 4.5kgs

Fire-rating: V1 – self-extinguishing

Max Loading: 1560kgs per 100mm square tile


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